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(PECL imagick 2.0.0)

Imagick::getIteratorIndexGets the index of the current active image


int Imagick::getIteratorIndex ( void )

Returns the index of the current active image within the Imagick object. This method is available if Imagick has been compiled against ImageMagick version 6.2.9 or newer.

Return Values

Returns an integer containing the index of the image in the stack. Throw an ImagickException on error.


Example #1 Using Imagick::getIteratorIndex():

Create images, set and get the iterator index

= new Imagick();
$im->newImage(100100, new ImagickPixel("red"));
$im->newImage(100100, new ImagickPixel("green"));
$im->newImage(100100, new ImagickPixel("blue"));


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